The Engineering Leadership Scheme

Acousticsbot in an anechoic chamberThe Engineering Leadership Award Scheme was created by The Royal Academy of Engineering to help undergraduate engineering students, the engineers of tomorrow, realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Engineers make a difference. We conceive and create the things that save, enable and enhance lives. The career choices available to an engineer are vast, offering job satisfaction and prosperity.

The Engineering Leadership Scheme comprises two types of Award for engineering undergraduates: the Standard Award and the Advanced Award.

The Standard Award enables you to take short courses to enhance your engineering knowledge and personal skills, and the Advanced Award enables you to enhance your studies and personal development throughout your degree after the first year.

Both Awards will help you expand your horizons. You can download posters and flyers from last year's scheme about the Awards.This will be updated to the current information when the application process opens.

You are just three clicks away from changing your future.

Are you an engineering undergraduate (BEng or MEng) in any year of your degree and interested in the Standard Award?

Are you a second year MEng undergraduate on a four year engineering degree (or third year undergraduate on a five year degree) and interested in the Advanced Award?

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Thanks to a gift from Shell Global, the Academy is able to make this award available to international students studying at UK Institutions.